L’armée rwandaise passe la frontière burundaise et détruit une maison (images)

Incursion de militaires rwandais sur la colline Sabanerwa (commune Mwumba) ce matin, qui ont détruit une maison avant de se replier. Le gouverneur de Ngozi s’est rendu sur les lieux de l’attaque, avec les militaires et policiers burundais pour calmer la population.


4 commentaires sur “L’armée rwandaise passe la frontière burundaise et détruit une maison (images)

  1. @Joseph Bizimana. I strongly believe that you have got a natural disease called « Interahamwe » why is it that anything involving military operations in the great lakes region you guys you connect it to your natural disease interahamwe ? do you consider interahamwe well trained to defend Burundi state sovereignity more than burundian soldiers can ? if that’s the case why is it that in Somalia, CAR, Haiti, Darfur etc Burundi did not send your men yet they still perform wonders there. Man be on time. Otherwise on Sabanegwa issue, I would love that the attackers remained on the scene waiting for any reaction from Burundian military personnel but not retreat immediately in hiding.


  2. Ariko ivyo nivyo ??? Nakamaramaza . Ico barondera bazokironka. Mbe bibagiye ico KIRUNDO isigura? Mbe hoho gusambura inzu nibwo buhizi? Nimba bakeneyeko dutera agapira barabimenyesha bankimoon na Obama babe aba referees. Numwana arimunda yorugwana , tukikurako iyo mihimbiri tukabasubiza mubuganda iyo baje bava.


  3. There is nothing new here please, every Country does what it deems necessary in the Country. The way this image is showing, the said house was in the Rwandan territory.
    Did they distort any property in Burundi Territory? If that is yes, where were the Imbonerakure and interahamwe? They no longer see from far or they no longer attack together? If that is correct, Peter does not have any one around him. Get him then!


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